Sara Esther

Brand identity, copywriting and Press Relations

I collaborated with Brussels-based jewellery designer Sara Esther at a pivotal moment of the brand’s development.

I developed a solid story for the brand based on the designer’s personality and the collections’ very artistic and delicate feeling..
My aim was to translate the brand’s identity into captivating contents that I disseminated in the press and online.

Industry: Jewellery

Objectives: Increasing awareness and visibility

Date: 2016

Solutions: Writing of several communication supports + event planning


I designed a story for the brand based on Sara Esther’s visual identity.
I focused on its most minimalist aspects, the presence of precious materials and the strong feeling of pureness emanating from the collections.

Belgium has a long history as a hub for diamonds and the jewellery industry.
In an effort to introduce the brand to foreign markets, I integrated the designer’s Belgian origins and training in the brand’s story as a sign of quality.

I focused on letting the designer herself embody the brand as much as possible. The brand’s story this included a short summary of the designer’s personality and background, making it possible for her to be regarded as both a jewellery designer and an outstanding artist in the Belgian fashion scene. 

To showcase that story, I wrote a compelling Press Release for the brand in French.

Press relations

For Sara Esther, I developed a series of PR actions focused on the Belgian market.

I implemented a multi-channel strategy targeting traditional fashion media, web magazines, printed magazines and TV shows.

I helped the brand apply to “C’est du Belge”, a TV contest dedicated to selecting and promoting Belgian’s finest designers and artists, broadcasted on RTBF, the country’s most important TV channel.
Sara Esther was elected Best Jewellery Designer.

Following the show, I used the visibility the brand gained on the show made it possible for me to get a larger press coverage in both Belgium and France (Paris Match, Elle, Together magazine, Le Vif Weekend…)

→ View press coverage and clippings

Promotional events

To support Sara Esther’s development, I helped the brand organise a promotional event.

The event needed to attract very important clients but also journalists and influencers including new contacts in order to let them discover the brand and its collections.

The event took place at the showroom in Brussels.

For the event, I wrote all communication supports including invites and a description of the event for an emailing  campaign aimed at the press and buyers.


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