Mr & Mrs Italy

Brand identity and Press Relations

I collaborated with Mr & Mrs Italy, a key fashion house in the outerwear, coat and parka scenes focused on fur.

I planned a content-oriented communication strategy and coordinated actions for the brand’s first ever press day in Paris.
The strategy and content were efficient enough for the event to be attended by A-level press including Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar…

Industry: fashion

Objectives: Introducing the brand to the international press

Date: 2016

Solutions: Writing of several communication supports + event planning



Mr & Mrs Italy’s selected Paris to organise its FW16/17 press day in order to meet the French press but also international journalists, stylists and KOL. I advised the brand thus hold en event in early July during the Couture Fashion Week, making sure the city would be filled with international press.

This press day’s objective was 2-folded: introducing the FW16/16 collections but also introducing the brand itself to a high number of KOLs.
In order to avoid developing too much content and too many supports, I thus wrote a text specially designed for the event.
The content mixed both references to the brand and its collection in a very logical flow.

It was published as both a press release and a base for the brand profile I designed later.

Brand profile

For the first ever Mr & Mrs Italy event in Paris, the brand needed international-oriented communication supports.
Fur is considered a sensitive topic in Europe, much more than it is in Italy.
A brand which uses fur in its design needs to be open about it prove it is doing so sustainably in order to gain trust. I thus designed and wrote a new Brand Profile for Mr & Mrs Italy addressing this issue and presenting the brand’s history in a very detailed way.

Brand profiles are specific communication support which aim at letting brands get control over the way the press and media talked about them.
It was important for Mr & Mrs Italy to have one tailored to the European market in order to ensure its relationship to fur would not be misrepresented.

The brand profile includes all information about the main activities and aspects of the brand that we want to promote. For example, I explained Mr & Mrs Italy’s definition of each garment as well as a summary of a charity project it developed in Haiti.  

It also contains all specific language elements, to make sure journalists and influencers use just the right words to talk about the brand.

The brand profile was issued in English.


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