Louis Vuitton X Marie Claire HK

Production – shooting & editorial

I collaborated with Marie Claire Hong Kong and Louis Vuitton on an article and a photo shoot in Paris.

For Marie Claire Hong Kong瑪利嘉兒》, I organised a shooting in Paris with one of China’s most famous artists: G.E.M 鄧紫棋.
The singer was entirely dressed in Louis Vuitton FW19 collection.

Industry: Fashion

Objectives: Producing a shooting in Paris for Louis Vuitton and Marie Claire HK

Date: 2019

Solutions: Booking a venue, photographer, stylist

Chinese star G.E.M in Louis Vuitton for Marie Claire Hong Kong


In September 2019, I was contacted by Louis Vuitton to produce a shooting and article for Marie Claire Hong Kong《瑪利嘉兒》January 2020 issue. The shooting was to take place in early October 2019.

The project aimed at promoting Louis Vuitton FW19 collection with celebrity endorsement.
I was hence honoured to collaborate with the brand, the magazine and one of Greater China’s most famous artist: singer, songwriter and musician G.E.M 鄧紫棋.

My proficiency in French, English and Chinese helped me coordinate the project which involved European and Chinese stakeholders.

Marie Claire HK cover with G.E.M dressed in Louis Vuitton FW19

Booking a venue

Defining the atmosphere

For an Asian magazine, I wanted the photos to have a distinctive Parisian identity. However, Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s largest fashion House and the collection is undeniably original and cutting edge. I was thus convinced it was important to avoid clichés.

For the shooting, I imagined 4 different atmospheres: Modern, Industrial, Romantic and Elegant.

For the fall/winter collection, I selected venues which offered opportunities for indoor and outdoor pictures.


Selecting locations

In 3 days, I submitted a proposal to Louis Vuitton’s team with a selection of 10 appropriate venues with pictures, budgets, and properly negotiated quotations.

Louis Vuitton and Marie Claire Hong Kong《瑪利嘉兒》selected the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, a large private park and foundation. For Louis Vuitton and Marie Claire, I privatised 4 buildings and their gardens.

Chinese Star G.E.M in a Louis Vuitton pink skirt and leather jacket under archs for Marie Claire HK

Logistical organisation

5 days before the shooting took place, I organised a private visit of the venue with the photographer, videographer and stylist.
According to their feedbacks, I was able to design a detailed hourly planning for the shooting.

Before the shooting and on the set, I coordinated the event and team which included:

    • Two hairstylists
    • A makeup artist
    • A stylist
    • A photographer
    • A videographer
    • Two private drivers (chauffeurs)
    • Two members of the Louis Vuitton Hong Kong staff
    • Several members of G.E.M 鄧紫棋 personal staff

Chinese Star G.E.M in Louis Vuitton for Marie Claire HK, outdoor picture

International and trilingual coordination

My significant experience in Europe, China and Hong Kong made it possible for me to coordinate all booking, leasing, payment and legal formalities between France and Hong Kong for this project.

On set, the team involved members from Paris, Hong Kong, London, Dublin, Berlin and China.
My proficiency in French, English and Chinese was useful to facilitate communication between all stakeholders and render the project more flexible for everyone.


Chinese star G.E.M in a Louis Vuitton embroidered dress and leather jacket for Marie Claire HK

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