BBL Creations, luxury events & travel

Brand identity & copywriting

BBL Creations is a new luxury events and travel agency based in Paris.
The agency was founded by Barbara Levavasseur, former manager at Hermes and Hong-Kong native with one foot in Paris and another one in Milan

I stepped in at the very first stage when the project as being created. I first set a unique identity and an editorial tone for the brand. I then wrote and coordinated the design of its first communication supports targeting both B2C and B2B audiences.

Industry: Luxury travel & events

Objectives: Designing a unique story and identity for the company


Industry: Luxury travel & events

Objectives: Designing a unique story and identity for the company


Presenting services through storytelling

BBL Creations is both an event planning and travel agency. It thus works with both companies and individual clients.
Its particularity is to provide only made-to-measure services.

Clients do not pick the service they want from a list, they ask for what they truly need and its BBL Creations’ mission to make it happen.

The concept thus cannot be formalised presented as a precise list. To make it clear and easy to understand for every type of customers, a precise and enticing story needed to be written and told, playing with just the right references not to set boundaries to the clients’ imagination.

Brand identity

In order to position itself on the market, BBL Creations needed to set itself appart from its competitors with the help of a strong and appealing identity. 

As a first step in the identity-building process, I listed all distinctive elements of the company, including he entrepreneur’s international and professional expertise as an event manager at Hermes and other fashion houses around the world, her important business network.
I thus was able to design an identity based on strong, original and convincing assertions backed up by facts. 

I wrote a multi-purpose communication support used as a press kit, a brand profile but also a B2B and B2C brochure.
I coordinated the project including graphic design and printing. The entrepreneur’s personality is materialised by a solid visual identity.


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